THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates
FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms

Why do you benefit of THERMOVENT air curtains ?

Problems with open doors in production halls and warehouses.

Factory doors with through traffic to the outside area cause high energy costs due to harmful air exchange.
The heavy cold air of the outside flows to the inside at the bottom of the opened door. At the same time the lighter warm and humid inside air leaves the warm store through the top of the door opening.
This cold air needs to be heated again, thus extra energy is consumed for heating.

Thermovent air curtains solve these problems effectively.

The installation is above the door.
Opening the factory door the Thermovent will automatically start.
The specially formed airflow covers the whole door opening.
Cold and warm air are effectively separated by an invisible air barrier.
Cold air cannot penetrate, warm air cannot escape.

High energy saving is guaranteed. Cold air can not flow into and hot air cannot flow out.
The free door opening ensures unhindered, hazard- free, hygienic transportation of goods.
No ingress of insects by Thermovent protected doors.
The ingress of dust and fumes is reliably prevented.


Thermovent air curtain systems

fig. 1
If you open a door of a warehouse or factory gate, cold and heavy air from the outside penetrates at the lower part of the door opening. Warm air escapes to the outside at the upper part of the door.


fig. 2
Thermovent air curtains create an unique air barrier, in order to avoid, that warm air escapes and cold air infiltrates in the building.