THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates
FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms

How do air curtains work?

An air curtain system is a device that prevents an exchange of air through a wall opening, without any physical barrier.

There is an air curtain blower with an air collection box and a discharge nozzle. A door out of moving air.
The systems are equipped with a particular air rectifier in the outlet nozzle.
There are hundreds of small blowpipes.
The air flow generated by the radial fans is directed through the blow tube rectifier.
It is completely laminar, homogeneous and free of turbulence.
The beam is narrow and extends far.
This jet of air is blown at right angles to the inflowing air, or surrounding.
The air jet must be so strong that it reaches to the floor and tears the incoming or adjacent air
with it.
The blown air forms a core beam. The entrained


air forms on each side of the core beam a sub-
beam. The air volume of the secondary beams are larger than the air amount of the core jet.
The central stream and the secondary beams hit the ground and divide, so that the air volumes of the core jet and the entrained air quantity of the secondary beams will stay where they came from.
The air volumes of the inner side beam remain inside and the air volume of the outer side beam outside.
The air volumes of the core beam remain within the range in which they were drawn. It is important that the core beam is laminarand turbulence-free.
Then the air of the secondary beams can not mix with the core jet.
Thus, the entrained air volumes in the secondary beams of each other remain separate and the air curtain can be as fully effective.
The neighboring air volumes, air currents or the greater weight of the air, for example, with cold air (air of a freezing chamber is up to 20%


heavier than normal air) can push aside the air jet of the system.
To correct this, the blow-off nozzle is pivotable such that the discharge angle of the air jet can be pivoted up to 15 ┬░ to both sides.

Operation of an air curtain system