THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates
FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms

Execution and technique

Nozzle housing
Composite material. Both sides lacquered alu-
minum with a core made of solid polyethylene. Standard white or red aluminum surface. Housing of stainless steel on request.

Ball bearing energy saving blowers with electro-
nically commutated DC motors made in Germa-
ny. The fans are quiet, easy to control, have an extremely low power consumption and a very long lifespan.

Slide-in electronic
The slide-in electronic with mains filter prevents reliable power disturbances in the power grid.
The Thermovent air curtain is activated auto-
matically when door operation on and off. This is ensured by a waterproof proximity switch 24 volts DC, which is equipped with a watertigth screw contact for the connection with the socket electronics. Wear-free switching operations are guaranteed by non-contact power relays.
The variable adjustment of Thermovent-air volu-
me and speed ensures an electronic controller.

Consoles for mounting
Stabile consoles of stainless steel to mount the system above the door. We offer consoles for fixing at brickwork or with a clamping plate for fixing at walls made out of sandwich panels. The air curtains up to a length of 8 meter are canti-
levered. They can be mounted without suspen-
sion. So the Thermovent air curtains are parti-
cularly suitable for installation above sectional doors, sliding doors and large hinged doors.

Scope of delivery
Thermovent air curtain system, two stainless steel brackets, stable wind turbine as an adjust-
ment and proximity sensor with cable and screw.
Stainless steel mounting hardware for mounting on a terminal panel wall or alternatively material to fasten on masonry. Windmill to adjust the system.

Air rectifier
The air rectifier in the outlet nozzle smoothes the airflow and makes it tighter and more suffi-
cient. In the pressure chamber of the outlet nozzle the air becomes compressed, so that it is uniformly distributed over the entire discharge nozzle. Behind the pressure chamber the air stream passes hundreds of small blowpipes. They rectify the air stream and eliminate all air turbulences. The result is a homogeneous, turbulence-free air curtain with increased penetration and a stable flow. In this way a particularly effective functioning is guaranteed.

To avoid damage during the transport, the pa-
ckaging is done in sturdy cardboard boxes.

The air curtain can be installed by trained wor-
kers. We have several installation teams and assemble air curtains around the world.


Air curtain sytems


Function check by windmill

Function check by windmill
You can adjust the setting of the Thermovent air curtain with the help of the provided windmill.
For adjustment of the air curtain the windmill must be placed on the threshold of the door.
The outflowing cold air lets the impeller rotate. The air velocity and the discharge angle of the nozzle must be adjusted, so that the impeller rotates no longer or only slowly.
The stopped impeller of the windmill prooves that the air curtain system is set correctly.
Now you can absolutely be sure, that there is no disadvantageous air interchange anymore.






Air curtain system above roll-up gate