THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates
FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms

Assembly of THERMOVENT

The Thermovent is preferably mounted inside or outside above the door opening.

An internal arrangement provides the advantage that warm air is sucked from the upper part of the space and then blown down.

Thus, the useless heat of the upper space region in used to heat the lower part of the room.

Outdoor installation may be necessary for rea-
sons of space.

It is also possible to mount two systems laterally
of the door opening - one air curtain inside and one air curtain outside.

This is the best way to protect a door opening.



The unit consists of:
- Nozzle with fans and control unit.
- Two stainless steel brackets.
- Watertight proximity switch with cable and connector.
- Fixings for clamp mounting at a panel wall or alternatively fixing material for mounting at masonry.
- Windmill for functional testing.

1. Preferably mounting the system centrally the door opening by the two consoles.

2. The unit must be pushed on the consoles with the blowers towards the door.

3. The proximity sensor turns the system on, when the door moves away from the switch.


  The sensor must be placed so, that the blow-
ers of the air curtain start to run, when the door moves to open.

4. The nozzle must be adjusted so that the air flow meets the floor in front of the door at an angle of 5 to 10 degrees.

5. The air flow is to be set with the potentiometer so that it just reaches the ground. The speed must be kept low, because otherwise the air flow mixes with the outside air.

6. The Thermovent air curtain is optimally adjusted, when no outside air enters and when no warm air escapes.
To check this, the windmill must be set in front of the threshold of the door directly under the air flow of the air curtain. When the system is


  switched off, you can see how the impeller of the windmill is turning moved by the inflowing cold air.
If you switch on the air curtain and turn up the potentiometer you can see the impeller rotating more slowly until it finally stops.
When the impeller stops, the nozzle and the air speed are correctly adjusted.

7. Don‘t install air curtains in combination with strip curtains or swing doors.

8. The nozzle of the air curtain should be about 10% wider than the door opening.