THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates
FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms

How can you see, that the discharge angle of the air flow is adjusted correctly?

If the discharge angle of the system is set incorrectly, the air is blown into the room, which needs to be sealed, or will be drawn from this space.

As a result, the air pressure changes in the room.

At short intervals there are pressure equalizations in the weakest area of the air curtains that is just above the ground.

You can observe this well, because in this case the windmill alternately turns at short intervals - right and left.

The wind turbine does not reach the rest position.

It changes its direction of rotation with the always alternately for pressure equalization flowing air.

To set the system optimally, the discharge angle must be changed until the Windmill reaches the rest position.


How can you adjust the correct discharge angle of the air stream?

The central stream of the air curtain system widens the further it approaches the ground.

To prevent that the core stream blows into the sealed door opening, the outlet nozzle is pivotable.

In the normal position, the outlet nozzle is so positioned that it is blown at an angle of 7.5 ° to the outside.

If this angle is insufficient, the system may be swung.

For this, the air curtain system is pivotally stored in the consoles.

By carefully loosening a cap nut in the connection pads on the two end caps the system can be moved so that the discharge nozzle can be infinitely rotated by approximately 15 ° to the inside or outside.


Air curtain system abobe the door

Correct setting
The impeller of the windmill does not move.
The air velocity and the discharge angle are optimal.
Warm air cannot escape, cold air cannot enter.


Wrong setting
The air speed is too low. The airflow does not reach the ground.
Cold air flows in. Warm air flows out.
The air speed must be increased !


Wrong setting
The air velocity is too high.
Ineffective and disruptive air turbulences are incuring.
Reduce air speed!