THERMOVENT air curtains for service doors and factory gates
FRIGOVENT air curtains for cold store doors and freezer rooms

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... for sealing of factory doors



Energy savings
Significant reduction in heating costs by avoiding warm air losses at open gates.

Smooth operation by unhindered transport of goods
Convenient and fast, the goods can be transported through the free door opening. Swing doors and strip curtains are no longer necessary.


Accident prevention
See and be seen is made sure.
A dangerous free movement of goods through the air curtain is always guaranteed. Unrestricted view.

The THERMOVENT air curtain system is located above the door and out of the transport area and cannot be damaged by fork lifts mechanically.

Hygienically safe
All hygiene requirements of the food industry are met. Contamination of the products by swinging doors or strip curtains is impossible.

Protection against insects
No ingress of insects through doors, which are protected by air curtains. The inflow of dust and smoke is reliably prevented.


Roll-up door with THERMOVENT air curtain

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THERMOVENT air curtains

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Do you have a cold room or freezer room?
Air curtain system
Our FRIGOVENT air curtain systems have been developed specifically for use in cold rooms and freezer rooms. They prevent the harmful air exchange when doors are open and save energy costs.